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Our projects empower artists and participants to develop new platforms for social interactions in polycultural societies.

Aria di Potenza – an opera-installation and the divas of contemporary politics

Unknown, I Live With You – female voices striving for freedom in the patriarchal society

Symphony of Expectation

Watch “Unknown, I Live With You” online for free

"Musicians, who profoundly experienced the tragedy of Afghan women and do not want to just reinterpret it, but to simply understand it."

- Polish journalist Dorota Kozińska about The Airport Society's "Unknown, I Live With You"

"Lada's staging speaks through the power of poetry and music, and creates a mysterious atmosphere."

- Polish opera critic Jacek Marczyncki about Lada's staging of "Unknown, I Live With You"

"Minimalistic, hazy, but at the same time bursting with underlying emotion."

- Polish opera journalist Dorota Kozińska about Katarzyna Głowicka's composition "Unknown, I Live With You"