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Latest projects

Our projects empower artists and participants to develop new platforms for social interactions in polycultural societies.

Aria di Potenza – an opera-installation and the divas of contemporary politics

Unknown, I Live With You – female voices striving for freedom in the patriarchal society

Soirée à la girafe – a song recital inspired by the arrival of the first giraffe in Europe

Symphony of Expectation

"Musicians, who profoundly experienced the tragedy of Afghan women and do not want to just reinterpret it, but to simply understand it."

- Polish journalist Dorota Kozińska about The Airport Society's "Unknown, I Live With You"

"Lada's staging speaks through the power of poetry and music, and creates a mysterious atmosphere."

- Polish opera critic Jacek Marczyncki about Lada's staging of "Unknown, I Live With You"

"Minimalistic, hazy, but at the same time bursting with underlying emotion."

- Polish opera journalist Dorota Kozińska about Katarzyna Głowicka's composition "Unknown, I Live With You"